The Protein Transformation

Pathways to an Animal-Free Diet
Authors: Christine Schäfer, Karin Frick
Languages: German, English

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    This combination does not exist.

    The globally increasing consumption of animal proteins, the associated environmental impact and climate change are forcing us to act. All over the world, scientists, companies and start-ups are working on solutions. They are trying to offer alternatives to animal protein and thus reduce global meat consumption. 

    This is creating completely new categories of food, new industries, new value networks, new investment opportunities. And it is booming. In 2021, USD 5 billion was invested in alternative protein companies. A slight decline was observed in the area of plant-pased protein, while the investment amounts for cultivate protein and fermentation more than doubled and almost quintupled, respectively.

    The investments are no longer only coming from the private sector: in 2022, the Netherlands will make the largest public investment to date in cellular agriculture. The Dutch government has announced a record sum of 60 million euros for the promotion of cultured meat and precision fermentation.

    Where is this going to lead? To a completely animal-free diet in 2050?

    Find out more in the GDI overview "The Protein Transformation: Pathways to an Animal-Free Diet"!