The Future of Leisure Travel - Trend Study (PDF), 2006, e

Why and Where We Travel in the Year 2020 David Bosshart, Karin Frick Customised Study, 2006, English

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    Future of Leisure Travel – Trend Study

    • In what direction is the holiday and travel sector headed?
    • Who will travel in the future? What are their motivations?
    • What new travel markets are to be seen on the horizon?
    • What will be the most popular destinations in 2020?

    The market for holidays and travel is becoming more dynamic and complex. Customer behaviour is increasingly incalculable. Although short-run movements in the market are well documented, there is no overall picture of long-term perspectives.

    This study analyses the wishes and values of travellers. It describes the driving forces of change and answers questions of relevance to the market.

    Summary (in German)