Next Normal

Consumer Behaviour after the Crisis
Authors: David Bosshart, Karin Frick, Christine Schäfer
GDI Trendreport
Language: English

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    The COVID-19 crisis has brought society into the future practically overnight. We’ll never return to life as it was before the pandemic, so businesses and society need to adjust to the ‘Next Normal’ as quickly as possible. What will stay with us? And what will we never see again?

    In its new Trend Report ‘The Next Normal’, the GDI analyses our journey towards a new order, pinpointing nine trends relating to coronavirus. These trends will irrevocably change the way consumption and retail work, and the Trend Report illustrates their consequences by using examples drawn from the fields of food, fashion, wellbeing and everyday life. The GDI’s report reveals how current trends are triggering changes in consumer behaviour, giving rise to new opportunities that we need to prepare for – and we need to prepare for them today. The winners in this scenario will be those who are capable of turning uncertainty into meaningful ideas for the future.

    The GDI’s Trend Report aids in recognising the opportunities within the crisis and using them to ensure retail success in the years to come.

    What will follow the pandemic? Will we switch back to our normal schedules immediately? Will we integrate new routines and rituals into our daily lives? Who will be the winners and losers emerging from this global crisis? And how quickly will the economy recover? Nobody really knows. That said, we need to prepare ourselves to face the ‘Next Normal’ today.

    Report contents

    1. The Coronavirus Trends & Consumption Network
    2. Nine Coronavirus Trends: The COVID-19 Impact on Consumers and Social Change
    3. Consumption & Shopping During and After Coronavirus
    4. Outlook: Retail, the Economy and Our Private Lives