Next Health (EN)

A new way to navigate the healthcare ecosystem
Authors: Karin Frick, David Bosshart and Stefan Breit
in collaboration with HealthCom c/o sminds SA
Languages: German, French, English

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    The study includes: 

    • twelve infographics
    • five customer journeys
    • take-aways

    The main focus of the healthcare system is increasingly shifting from treatment to prevention. This is made possible by technological progress and the increasing amount of data that is now available, according to the GDI study "Next Health: A New Way to Navigate the Healthcare Ecosystem".

    The decisive factor is how the collected data is stored and made accessible. A smart, decentralised ecosystem – one that is consistently patient-oriented and focuses on the customer experience – will make the Swiss healthcare system a pioneer. This is shown by the GDI study.

    The study lists six fundamental shifts that the healthcare system is facing:

    • Digital accessibility: More people will have access to better health information.
    • Health 24/7: Continuous tracing and testing will become normal.
    • From silo to network: Scientists and experts now have a growing corpus of data to extract knowledge from.
    • Prevention over intervention: Increasingly, the focus will be on well-being and wellness rather than on medicine.
    • Healthstyle: Behavioural data will form the basis for the development of new, personalised treatments and new tools used to manage individual health.
    • Ageless ageing: Biological ageing and therefore the onset of age-related diseases will be delayed.
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