European Food Trends Report 2023 (EN)

Feeding the Future – Opportunities for a Sustainable Food System
Authors: Christine Schäfer, Karin Frick and Johannes C. Bauer
GDI Study No 52
Languages: English, German

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    The European Food Trends Report 2023 contains:

    • infographics
    • diagrams
    • consumer survey
    • excursus "Cellular Agriculture"


    The European Food Trends Report "Feeding the Future: Opportunities for a Sustainable Food System" explains the role of consumers in the transformation towards a more sustainable food system and the opportunities for agriculture, industry, retail and gastronomy based on the knowledge, values and barriers of consumers.

    Opportunities for a sustainable food system

    Based on the results of a consumer survey and interviews with experts, this report focuses on three sides of the food system and answers the following questions:

    Front-end: How aware are consumers of the link between their diet and climate change? Which aspects are important to them when choosing food? What new needs are emerging? What role do retail and gastronomy play?

    Backend: What opportunities are opening up for agriculture, industry, logistics and distribution? What technologies are available to them today and in the near future to make the food system more sustainable?

    Politics & Economics: What is the political framework of the food system? What large-scale economic and demographic developments are emerging?

    From production to processing and distribution to retail – new solutions for more sustainable nutrition are emerging everywhere. Those who recognise these developments first and move forward courageously today will be among the winners tomorrow.



    About the authors

    Christine Schäfer

    Christine Schäfer is a researcher and speaker at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. She analyses social, economic and technological trends, with a focus on food, consumption and retail.

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    Johannes C. Bauer

    Dr Johannes C. Bauer is Head Think Tank at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. In his research, he examines changes in consumer and purchasing behaviour, the future of retail against the backdrop of long-term consumer, technology and business model trends, as well as the opportunities and risks of digitalisation for business and society.

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    Karin Frick

    Karin Frick is Principal Researcher at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. The economist analyses trends and counter-trends in the economy, society and consumption and regularly speaks on these subjects at conferences and congresses.

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