Creative through AI

How artificial intelligence can support the development of new ideas
Author: Jan Bieser
GDI Study No 51
Language: English

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    Studies suggest that we have fewer and fewer new and ground-breaking ideas, even though research investments are higher than ever. One great hope to reaccelerate the pace of innovation lies in artificial intelligence (AI). However, radical innovation—ideas that fundamentally change the status quo — requires skills that are usually only ascribed to humans: asking surprising and new types of questions, identifying associations between unrelated fields and conducting exploratory experiments. In fact, today’s leading opinion is that AI is not able to develop fundamentally new ideas on its own; but that there are ways in which AI can support humans in doing so: AI can augment human creativity.

    So, if we can use AI to unleash our full creative potential, we need to know:

    • How can AI support human creativity in practice?
    • What are the limitations of AI?
    • Can AI even impede human creativity? 

    The study provides answers to these questions and an inspiring overview of how people and organisations can already use AI today to support creative processes. The surprising conclusion: human creativity needs to be augmented with and protected from AI at the same time. In the future, it is likely that the most successful ideas do not come from bright thinkers alone, but also from those who are best at steering machines in their desired directions.

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