Ran Balicer: "Doctors will not be replaced by algorithms"

We could monitor our health as easily and simply as the condition of our car, according to Ran Balicer, head of the Clalit Research Institute. In a video interview with the GDI, he discusses the possibilities and limitations of new forecasting technologies in health care.
11 June, 2019 by
Ran Balicer: «Algorithmen werden Ärzte nicht ersetzen»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

It's a simple concept: a light on the dashboard lights up, and we take the car to the garage for service. Problem solved. Thanks to ever better forecasting tools, our health equally efficiently, says Ran Balicer, Director of the Research Institute of Israeli insurer Clalit Health Services. In a video interview, he explains why even the best forecasting technology will fail when it comes to the question of who will get sick - or who won't:

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