NearSt – search the web to buy around the corner

Offline shops are invisible for online purchases. Nick Brackenbury, CEO of the e-commerce company NearSt, wants to change this with an app. In this video interview, he explains how.
15 September, 2017 by
NearSt – im Web suchen, um die Ecke kaufen
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

If we are looking for a specific product, we use online search engines. However, they fall back on suppliers who stack their products in warehouses – far from the customer. This results in high delivery times. At the same time, stores outside the door are not taken into account despite their proximity, because their products are often not available online.

The App NearSt connects online search queries with offline shops in the vicinity to keep the distance between dealers and customers as short as possible.
This not only meant higher sales for stores, says startup founder Brackenbury,  but also helped to determine customer behaviour in advance.

Nick Brackenbury explains in a video interview, recorded at the 67th International Retail Summit at GDI, how the app helps retailers to have the right products on hand at the right time.

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