Lord Adair Turner: “We will be able to automate away almost all present work functions”

No need to work anymore–this dream could soon become true, thanks to rapid technological progress. In a Financial Times podcast, economist Lord Adair Turner discusses the social consequences of increasingly smart AI.
18 December, 2018 by
Lord Adair Turner: «Wir werden die meisten Jobs wegautomatisieren können»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

“We will create artificial intelligence equal to human beings”, says Lord Adair Turner, British economist and head of the Institute for New Economic Thinking in a podcast of the “Financial Times”. Fifty to sixty years from now, better forms of artificial intelligence will make most jobs obsolete. This would have not only economic, but also social consequences.

What does “work” mean, when hardly anyone needs to work? How will we generate our income? And what are the consequences in terms of how status and self-worth are defined? These are fundamental questions to probe in the coming years, says Turner.

And even though he is an avowed technology optimist, he sees great challenges ahead in an automated world.

In this one-hour podcast, he talks about this and other current topics in the business world.

On 21 January 2019 at the GDI, Lord Adair Turner will speak about capitalism in the robot age. Together with US political expert Robert Kagan, Turner will be guest at the evening event "Robot Capitalism and The Coming World Disorder".

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