Kevin Ashbrook: "It would drive me crazy”

GDI Executive Chef Kevin Ashbrook focuses on seasonal, regional and fresh attributes instead of food trends. In the video interview he talks about his perfectionism, future and the culinary skills of his grandmothers.
18 April, 2019 by
Kevin Ashbrook: «Das würde mich in den Wahnsinn treiben»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

For a perfect Instagram post, a visit to the restaurant can quickly become a photo shoot. Kevin Ashbrook, Kitchen Chef at the GDI, doesn't let this upset him: “If every time I’m plating up a dish, I was  thinking about someone taking a picture, it would drive me crazy.”

Ashbrook doesn't think much of trends like wellness or functional food: Those who cook seasonally, with fresh and varied ingredients  have everything they need for a healthy life, he says in the video interview:

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