Javier Goyeneche: Which children are we leaving to the earth?

Javier Goyeneche makes clothes out of plastic waste through his label Ecoalf. He says: "Instead of asking ourselves which earth we are leaving to our children, we should be concerned about which children we are leaving to the earth." Watch the whole video interview from the GDI Retail Summit here.
16 September, 2021 by
Javier Goyeneche: Welche Kinder hinterlassen wir der Erde?
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Jack Ma and the story behind Alibaba's e-commerce success

Sales via the online platform Alibaba already account for one-sixth of China's retail volume. They are doing everything right, says founder Jack Ma’s biographer Duncan Clark. In a video and at the GDI Retail Summit Duncan Clark presented the trends shaping e-commerce in China.

Bookshop.org – Meet Amazon's challenger

It is no secret that Amazon has been able to increase its profits and its claim to power during the Corona pandemic. But resistance has formed on the long-lost book front: Bookshop.org.

Benedict Evans: "Everything in retail and commerce is breaking apart and changing"

Whether it's e-commerce retailers, shops, brands, advertisers, everyone is currently insecure, says tech analyst Benedict Evans. How unbundling is creating new business models and what the next tech trend is, Evans explains here in a video interview from the GDI Retail Summit.

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