Jarno Vanhatapio: "Generation Z is a very different generation looked from a retail perspective"

To win over generation 1995+, you have to rethink your business. That’s what Jarno Vanhatapio did with his company, NA-KD – using a strategy where the clothes are secondary to the story.
18 September, 2018 by
Jarno Vanhatapio: «Generation Z ist für Händler etwas völlig Neues»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Today, excellent customer service and short delivery time are standard, so new strategies are necessary to attract young customers. Generation Z differs fundamentally from previous generations, says NA-KD CEO Vanhatapio. His fashion company instead focuses on female digital natives. “In a generic world you can always have a place in the market if you come up with a product that nobody else has. Then actually customers like it. But on top of that, we have the storytelling and our storytelling is quite different. Especially how we approach the new generation”, says Vanhatapio, in a GDI interview.

NA-KD emphasizes authentic teenage life instead of glossy pictures. To find out why this strategy is so successful – and what Generation Z really wants – watch the video bellow:

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