GDI Trend Day 2017 – the highlights

"The virtual world has long since won,” said David Bosshart on the 13th European Trend Day on 15 March. Our summary of the conference lets you know what to expect from this mingling of analogue and digital.
1 January, 2010 by
GDI Trend Day 2017 – the highlights
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
David Bosshart: “The 21st century’s challenge will be to occupy the right interfaces with the virtual world.“

Stephen Graham: “Urban studies and geography are far too flat!“

Allison Crank: “With virtual shopping centres, in-between spaces become the mall, non-places become destinations”

Tom Vanderbilt: “We are more likely to like what we expect to like.”

Mario Sixtus: “When everyone knows everything about everyone else, blackmail will become impossible.”

Mike Lanza: “Because kids don't have a third place in their lives they turn to social media. That's why I created an inspiring neighborhood for my children”

Robin Hanson: “Robots can make copies easily. Thus economic growth can be much faster”

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