Emmanuelle Hoss: "Retail today is more or less the question of what kind of society we want to live in"

Downtown Paris is being protected with public money. Real estate company Semaest buys up space on behalf of the city of Paris and rents it out at at decent prices to retailers who fit into the neighbourhood. Emmanuelle Hoss presented her project at the GDI Retail Summit.
26 November, 2020 by
Emmanuelle Hoss: «Handel ist heute mehr oder weniger die Frage danach, in welcher Gesellschaft wir leben wollen»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Dana Thomas: «Sustainability is the only way forward for the fashion industry»

Grassroots movements will revolutionize the fast fashion industry, bestselling author Dana Thomas is sure. Thomas talks about business models beyond growth and innovative start-ups here in a podcast and at the 70th International Retail Summit on 10 and 11 September 2020.

Bruno Maçães: "Belt and Road is not about infrastructure"

The "Belt and Road" initiative is about economic influence and power, contended Bruno Maçães at the GDI Retail Summit. According to the politician, it helped create the landscape for China's e-commerce industry.

Matt Heiman: "Millennial want access to luxury"

Dior or Saint Laurent: Matt Heiman has them all. With his startup, the Brit lends out luxury bags in London. At the GDI Retail Summit and in an interview, he explains why subscriptions are the business model of the future, even in the luxury market.

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