Josie Cartridge: "Relevancy is critical to engage consumers"

Which services can improve loyalty and customer satisfaction? How innovative can personalisation be put into practise and how can fashion retailers compete with Zalando? Josie Cartridge, Customer Director at fashion brand River Island, gives answers – here and at the International Retail Summit.


Infographic: The next eye – how we’ll see tomorrow

It all started with specially shaped lenses. Now, technology promises us entry into new dimensions. Our infographic shows possible ways in which our horizons might expand in future.

Daniel Grieder: “We will continue to break conventions”

In this interview Tommy Hilfiger's CEO Daniel Grieder talks about the store of the future, about influencer marketing and he describes where fashion industry still needs to accelerate. On 7 September, Grieder will speak at the GDI's International Retail Summit.


Primavera De Filippi on what we should learn from the Internet

Internet has evolved from a powerful tool for individual freedom into a tool for surveillance and control, says Harvard researcher Primavera De Filippi in this video interview. For blockchain we should learn from the past.

Chris Sanderson: “Focus on the quality of the experience”

Which are the hottest retail trends for the upcoming year and which startups are going to disrupt the industry, soon? Chris Sanderson, co-founder of trend consultancy “The Future Laboratory” provides answers – here and at the GDI’s Retail Summit from 7 to 8 September 2017.


Italian charm offensive: Eataly World food park

A theme park with a new concept is opening its doors in Bologna with the goal of bringing the entire supply chain alive when it comes to classic Italian dishes. Eataly World aims to create a unique location that places the provenance of ingredients in the spotlight.


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