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Shared Spaces – the future of public space

Urbanisation means that Swiss cities are growing rapidly. In order to manage the urban sprawl, the revised Spatial Planning Act of 2014 stipulates that cities be densified – with the result that public spaces are becoming ever more rare. In the future, more and more people will have to share less and less public space. How will the urban environment look as a result? The GDI ‘Shared Spaces’ study aims to answer this question.

Wellness 2030 – From Industrial Romance to Data Buddhism

Despite the global economic contraction and disruptive geopolitical events that have marked recent years, wellness is thriving. Globally, the “wellness economy” now represents a massive $3.7 trillion industry.

The Future of power and influence in a connected world - Scenario Report

Ideas change the world – and the world changes ideas. The scenario report analyses how regional power structures influence the dissemination of these ideas.

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