The herbs are from the Institute's own kitchen garden, and all other ingredients are tested systematically and then sourced from the best, meticulously selected suppliers. The GDI's chefs know that good cuisine can be achieved only with good ingredients – always fresh from the market, healthy and in season. At the GDI, we prepare food fit for gourmets, whether they're attending a cocktail reception or sitting down to a multi-course dinner.

A few sample menus for your inspiration.

Sample Menu 1

Beetroot carpaccio
Shoot herbs  |  Belper Knolle cheese |  cotto d´uva

Coq au vin  |  Switzerland
Chicken leg  |  matignon vegetable  |  Savoyard potato

Pecan  |  mango  |  avocado

Sample Menu 2

Zurich wine soup
Breast of duck (CH)  |  fennel  |  orange

Spaghetti vongole  |  Italy
Venus mussel  |  dried tomato  |  parsley

Black sesame
Turkish yoghurt  |  yuzu  |  shiso

Sample Menu 3 (vegetarian)

Quinoa salad
Mango  |  avocado  |  orange & chilli chutney

Winter curry
Couscous  |  sweet potato  |  parsnip

Mandarin orange
Peanut  |  tandoori


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