Italian charm offensive: Eataly World food park

A theme park with a new concept is opening its doors in Bologna with the goal of bringing the entire supply chain alive when it comes to classic Italian dishes. Eataly World aims to create a unique location that places the provenance of ingredients in the spotlight.


Twitter analysis: the blockchain ecosystem in Crypto Valley

Crypto Valley, between Zug and Zurich, is a Mecca for blockchain enthusiasts. But who are the players? Our network analysis makes the Twitter ecosystem in Crypto Valley visible.

The Blockchain Valley Conference in a nutshell

Alex Tapscott’s words of encouragement for attendees of the Blockchain Valley Conference: “Start now!” Not all the speakers saw the technology as a revolution, although they did agree that blockchain will have far-reaching implications for all industries. Read a summary of the conference here.

Jesse Grushack: "We give artists a way to easily licence their music"

Jesse Grushack, Co-Founder of blockchain-based Ujo Music on how to create a fair ecosystem for the music industry. "It's about taking blockchains components and make these systems usable."

Jags Rao: "Blockchain is going to fundamentally change the way businesses are built"

Jags Rao, Blockchain Workstream Lead for the Reinsurance Technology Initiative at Swiss Re, talks about business cases and strategic applications of blockchain competencies.

Interview: How exactly does blockchain work?

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin. We hear that all the time, but it doesn’t really tell us much – which is why we’re taking a closer look at the technology together with blockchain expert Christian Di Giorgio.

Tyler Cowen: "We have become complacent"

Renowned economist Tyler Cowen in this video interview at the GDI says, our economy has become less dynamic, more bureaucratic and less innovative. This will become a problem in the long run.

Geostrategist Parag Khanna on direct technocracy

Geostrategist Parag Khanna recommends a government system in which big states learn from the small. We spoke to him about democracy, good governane and Switzerland and Singapure as role models at the conference "Tyler Cowen and Parag Khanna at GDI".

“Countries that lose their dynamics end up making serious mistakes”

“Is democracy the political form of the future, or just something that helps us administrate problems rather than solving them?” GDI’s CEO David Bosshart opened the conference “Tyler Cowen & Parag Khanna at GDI” with this question on 29 May 2017.

Daniel Grieder: “The biggest risk is not taking any risks”

Tommy Hilfiger's digital showroom was only the beginning of the fashion label's transformation. At the GDI International Retail Summit, Hilfiger CEO Daniel Grieder will show how his company is keeping pace with innovation and digitalisation.


Innovation Change: From Social- to Self-Optimization

Eminent economists see the West as suffering from stagnation and complacency. Have we reached the end of growth and innovation? We discuss these issues here and at the Tyler Cowen and Parag Khanna at GDI event.

The termite model: the future of decentralized cooperation

What would the world look like if blockchains eliminated the need for all centralised institutions? Hopefully still human, says Primavera De Filippi in the GDI interview. The "Chief Alchemist" at the Israeli startup Backfeed is using an infrastructure of decentralized cooperation to reach this goal.


Herbert Bolliger: “Today, we want everything, everywhere”

In a video interview, Migros CEO Herbert Bolliger discusses what’s surprised him over the last 12 years in retail, the challenges facing retailers today, sales robots, and what he values about the GDI International Retail Summit.


GDI analysis: Has democracy lost its persuasive power?

People have lost faith in democracy, according to political scientists. We checked this assertion with a network analysis. In this network analysis and at the Tyler Cowen and Parag Khanna at GDI event, we discuss why the appeal of democracy has diminished.

More than just Bitcoin: why blockchains affect everyone

Behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you’ll find what may be the most momentous invention since the Internet: the blockchain. Banks are fascinated by it, experimenting with new applications. Here, we look at the sectors that are particularly excited about blockchain technology.


Tyler Cowen: We are becoming complacent

Tyler Cowen, one of America’s most brilliant economists, warns us of too much complacency. "The notions of insufficient innovation and inability to imagine a very different future plague most of Western Europe." For Eastern Europe, he predicts an even darker future. Learn more at the conference: "Tyler Cowen & Parag Khanna at GDI" on 29 May 2017.

“Blockchain represents the second generation of the Internet”

Blockchain expert Alex Tapscott predicts extensive social change for the better, due to blockchain. On 13 June 2017 he will speak at the Blockchain Valley Conference at the GDI.

Parag Khanna: "This is not the age of Napoleon"

"Direct technocracy combines the virtues of Swiss-style direct democracy with the strength of Singapore’s technocratic system," says leading geostrategist Parag Khanna here – and at the conference "Tyler Cowen & Parag Khanna at GDI". Khanna advocates a new government system where big states learn from the small.

Brian Hoffman: "We are better than Amazon"

"A decentralised fashion puts the power back in the hands of people," describes Brian Hoffman, founder of blockchain-based marketplace Open Bazaar, the idea behind his software. On 13 June Hoffman will be speaking at the Blockchain Valley Conference.


Tom Vanderbilt: "All preferences are learned"

Bestselling author Tom Vanderbilt is convinced that whether we prefer blue or red is the result of our socialisation. In a video interview from the GDI Trend Day, he explains why it’s difficult for us to learn to like new things.

GDI Trend Day 2017 – the highlights

"The virtual world has long since won,” said David Bosshart on the 13th European Trend Day on 15 March. Our summary of the conference lets you know what to expect from this mingling of analogue and digital.

Five widening gaps challenging our future

Are growing dysfunctional gaps in our global society inevitable? Maybe, writes GDI CEO David Bosshart in his article for the renowned online magazine «52 Insights». But it’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the current polarizing social and political forces that are ricocheting us in different directions.

Technocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State

The ideal form of government for the complex 21st century is what Parag Khanna calls a "direct technocracy" with Switzerland and Singapore as role-models. In a few weeks the GDI will publish the German version of Khanna’s book.


Amber Case: we need calm technology!

Instead of calming us, technology constantly interrupts us, says Amber Case. The Harvard researcher is an advocate of "calm technology" – devices and aids which work discreetly in the background to simplify our daily lives.


Why robots will be the better people

The next era will be dominated by robots and artificial intelligence – that’s economics professor Robin Hanson’s view. He explains what the world will look like when we share it with millions of identical robots in his TEDx talk – and at the 13th European Trend Day.

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