Competitive information via augmented reality

You want to find out more about a product? Today it takes a single glance at your smartphone to know everything about it. Even what is left out in advertising. Companies are forced to re-think their communication strategies, write GDI-researcher Jakub Samochowiec.

Overview of nutritional doctrines

The diversity of nutritional doctrines and teachings shows: We are not yet anywhere near understanding the interaction processes between body and mind in their entirety. The graph taken from the GDI Study "European Food Trends Report" presents an overview of the most common nutritional doctrines.

Biofeedback replaces surveys and likes

All of the big tech companies are currently investing in research on artificial intelligence. When machines learn to recognize our feelings, they will be able to read almost all our desires in our eyes. According to GDI researchers customer satisfaction will become the measure of all things.

David Bosshart: "Retailers have to become more flexible"

From shelf maintenance to more service and intelligent logistics – this development determines the new age of retail, says GDI CEO David Bosshart in a video interview. At the GDI Retail Summit, he will reveal the success factors of retail.

45m US dollars for a fashion start-up

The online marketplace Na-kd is now one of the 20 fastest growing companies in Europe. CEO Jarno Vanhatapio will talk about his success at the GDI Retail Summit in September.

Steven Kotler about ultimate performance through brain hacking

Steven Kotler is the co-founder and director for research for the Flow Genome Project and author of «Stealing Fire». In this interview he talks about his live-changing flow experience and how people can learn to get into the flow.

Jo Marchant on how beliefs shape health

Microbiologist and science journalist Jo Marchant describes the influence of positive thoughts on our health and how placebos work, even when we are aware of the fact, that we are taking them.

Stefano Mancuso on intelligent plants

In this video interview Stefano Mancuso, Professor and Lead, International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology at the University of Florence, describes, how plants interact with each other and what we can learn from them.

The European Trend Day 2018 in a nutshell

From LSD short trips to the selfie generation: at the 14th European Trend Day, internationally renowned guests spoke about the growing markets of self-optimisation. A summary.

”Banks should manage money, not play with it”

Does Switzerland need sovereign money? What does the current popular initiative mean for our economic and monetary system? World-class financial experts discussed this issue at a GDI conference. You can now listen to two of them in our podcast.

Stefano Mancuso: "Humans can learn a lot from plants"

While humans possess five senses, plant researcher Stefano Mancuso estimates that plants have more than 20. These abilities could also prove useful for humans in future, he explains in the video. And at the GDI Trend Day on 14 March.

Wellness 2030: using technology to find happiness

What will make us happy in future? Which technologies will support us? The new GDI study ‘Wellness 2030’ discusses the latest possibilities. On 14 March, we will also hold a GDI Trend Day to discuss more techniques for self-improvement.

Selfie: A Story of Self-Obsession

We photograph ourselves, curate our social media presences, are obsessed with ourselves. And it’s making us sick, says journalist Will Storr in his book “Selfie“, and in a video. He’ll speak at the GDI Trend Day on 14 March.

Neil Harbisson: "Become Cyborgs!"

With achromatopsia, or total colour blindness, the world appears in shades of grey. Cyborg Neil Harbisson was born with this disease. But thanks to a cybernetic antenna, he can now even perceive infrared and ultraviolet. In the video Harbisson explains why we have to artificially expand our senses. On 14 March, he will speak at the GDI.

Thought Leaders 2018: the “Anti-Tribe”-Tribe

The original ‘all of us together’ idea behind global discourse has developed into a ‘us against those who do not think globally’ mindset. In other words, the anti-tribe has become a tribe. This reveals the GDI's new thought leader analysis.

Paul Austin: "LSD microdosing increases our efficiency"

"Consumers of LSD, psilocybin or cannabis are likely to dominate the future working world. By using those substances, we think more creatively and can adapt more quickly to new situations – crucial skills in our global society“, says entrepreneur Paul Austin. He will speak on 14 March at the GDI Trend Day.

Peter Sloterdijk: “Tribalism is fundamental to being human“

Our reality has always taken place in the setting of a large family or a circle of friends. But this fact was covered by the myth of the nation. German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk explains why today's group of nationalists will fail. On 22 January, Sloterdijk will speak at the GDI.

Why Individualisation Drives Us Into Tribes

Tribes are dead, long live tribalism! The eminent philosopher Peter Sloterdijk explains in an essay what’s behind this statement, and claims that our emancipation from "organic communities" and globalisation are responsible. Sloterdijk will be speaking at the GDI on 22 January 2018.

Steven Kotler: In the flow for high performance

If you want to win, you have to outgrow yourself. We achieve this by being hyper-concentrated. Researcher Steven Kotler is about to hack the neurological processes behind this flow. In March he will be speaking at the GDI.

Silicon Valley: The Gambling Tribe

Home to countless start-ups and place of longing to all tech nerds – in the Silicon Valley, a society arises with its own history and social structures. Sociologist Olivier Alexandre takes a critical look at this community. He will be speaking at the GDI on 22 January.

Dinner for One – Resting from Performance Pressure

Vernissages for networking, coffee breaks for self-promotion. We are constantly optimising ourselves and our image. The unassuming "Me Time" is an answer to this, writes the economist Branko Milanovic. On the GDI Trend Day we will discuss further ones.

"Every thought results in physical change"

In traditional medicine, the role of the mind is usually disregarded. But that’s a biased way of looking at things, according to science journalist Jo Marchant. In her book "Cure", she explains how beliefs shape health.

David Goodhart: "That's not racist"

There are two types of people. The first is educated, affluent, mobile. David Goodhart, journalist and Head of the Demography department of the Policy Exchange think tank, refers to them as ‘Anywheres’ – people who can live anywhere in the world. Are you one of them?

David Bosshart: "We're falling back into tribal thinking"

We think and live increasingly in rival tribes. We're dominated by emotions – rather than arguments. GDI CEO David Bosshart explains in an interview the causes and consequences of divisive tribal thinking. On 22 January we will discuss the new Tribes at the GDI.

Food Report: From Cycle to Network

We used to get our vegetables fresh from the market, warm bread from the local baker, and meat from our own cow – if at all. Now, mass producers and major operators dominate. What will happen tomorrow?

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