Wellness 2030

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Wellness 2030
The new techniques of happiness

Authors: David Bosshart, Karin Frick, Marta Kwiatkowski, Leonie Thalmann
Languages: English, German
Commissioned by: Global Wellness Institute

The Relationship and interdependency between health and well-being is an important prerequisite to happiness. Therefore, the study takes an an in-depth look at today’s happiness providers, the wellness industry. Humans have constantly tried to discover the key to happiness, using whatever tools they had access to. Digitalization has expanded the technical range of these tools and offers up individual metrics for happiness. We are on a quest to decode happiness.

The study detects five major trends which will shape the market in the future:

  • Digitalization: a convergence of humans and technology
  • Biohacking: the shortcut to well-being
  • Data selfies: health data shape our digital appearance
  • Wellness is social: make people happier and healthier together
  • Biofeedback: replacement of surveys and likes

What’s next? In the future, the lines between wellness and health will become increasingly blurred. The closer the wellness industry moves towards healthcare, the more it enters a severely regulated market. Regulations are unlikely to get fewer in the future. The most regulations can do is slow the pace of innovation. But they will not be able to stand in its way.

Summary (PDF), English

Summary (PDF), German

By the way: Author of the study and CEO of the GDI David Bosshart will also speak about the future of the wellness industry in your company. For further information please contact Ingrid Schmid.