A New World of Energy

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A New World of Energy
From Scarcity to Abundance

Authors: Stefan Breit, Venkatesh Rao, Detlef G├╝rtler
Languages: German, English
Commissioned by: Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE

The study "A New Energy World", commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, is based on the assumption that the energy system will undergo rapid development in the 21st century and analyses 30 possible changes. A trend landscape provides an overview of the most important factors influencing the energy system. These include:

  • social changes, such as population growth
  • technological advances, such as autonomous cars or swarm energy
  • ecological developments such as glacier melting or cobalt shock
  • economic processes, for example free energy
  • geopolitical events like a nuclear comeback

With a future scenario, the GDI study shows in four acts and 36 scenes how the transition to the energy future could turn out.

Summary (PDF), German

Summary (PDF), English

By the way: author of the study and researcher Stefan Breit will also speak about the new energy world in your company. For further information please contact Ingrid Schmid.