The Condor program, developed by MIT researcher Peter Gloor, identified all the connections between and surrounding the G20 participants on English-language Wikipedia (which explains why participants from English-speaking countries occupy so much space).

The Chinese premier, Xi Jinping, is clearly making headway with his strategy to lead China from a marginal role to the centre of the global discourse, but he hasn’t quite achieved it yet: Donald Trump may be significantly more marginal than Xi, but the centre is still reserved for Europeans – including Putin. The one exception is Theresa May, who is apparently leading the UK not just out of the EU, but also out of globalisation. GDI-Network_G20 on Wikipedia The centre of the G20 network image is reserved for the host, in this case Angela Merkel. If a position between two people can be understood as an intermediary role, then Merkel has a very straightforward intermediary between her and each of her toughest foreign rivals, Trump and Erdogan: Merkel and Trump are linked through Vladimir Putin, and Merkel and Erdogan through the King of Saudi Arabia.

To discover how close Trump and Putin are, we can turn to a different analysis tool – Tribefinder, also developed by Peter Gloor. This software uses the text of a Twitter account to determine to what extent the account owner belongs to each of three "tribes": the left-environmentalist "treehuggers" (green), the technocratic "nerds" (blue) and the right-nationalist "fatherlanders" (yellow). The G20 Twitter account with the highest fatherlander percentage (currently only possible for English-language accounts) is Donald Trump. In second place is Vladimir Putin's English Twitter account. At the other end of the tribe scale is Justin Trudeau, with a very un-nationalistic and correspondingly stronger ecological result. And Theresa May is somewhere in between.


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