FICO Eataly World’s new food theme park is located in the northern Italian university city of Bologna, and shrinks the food production chain down to a manageable size: 80,000 square metres. After all, the project’s slogan is ‘From field to fork’.

Tiziana Primori, FICO Eataly World’s Managing Director, says: ‘We will bring into FICO Eataly World the excellence of Italian food and wines and the beauty of the Italian agri-food industry, including the traditional skills of our artisans,’ – in other words: Eataly World aims to unite the core competences of Italy’s centuries-old food culture in a novel theme park concept.

As FICO Eataly World’s promotional video demonstrates, every stage of the supply chain is represented: there are stables and agricultural areas as well as space for market stalls and – of course – restaurants. Food workshops and a conference centre are also planned, and the whole site is roofed with 44,000 square metres of solar cells. Its opening is scheduled for September 2017.

At the 67th International Retail Summit, Tiziana Primori will give an insight into a new customer world in which events and experiences are becoming ever more important.