Goodhart contrasts the Anywheres with the ‘Somewheres’ – people for whom family, security and group affiliation are important. Where they live matters to them. They’re rooted in a particular location – a somewhere.

Anywheres accuse Somewheres of xenophobia, says Goodhart, but it’s not that simple. It’s more about anxiety in the face of fast-paced change. It’s not racist to feel most at home among people like you.

Goodhart explains the relationship between Anywheres and Somewheres in this short video:

The New Statesman published a review of his bestseller The Road to Somewhere, in which he comprehensively tackles this hidden rift.

Somewheres and Anywheres – where do you belong? Goodhart will speak at the conference "The Return of Tribes" at the GDI on 22 January 2018. Join the discussion!