Open Bazaar is not just another shopping-App, not just another regular online-shop, says Brian Hoffman, founder of blockchain-based trading software Open Bazaar. The decentralised platform allows everyone to buy and sell goods, without having their data being stored centrally or needing a bank account. Purchases are paid with bitcoins, thanks to blockchain all transactions are processed directly between seller and buyer.

"It's up to you to decide whether or not you are going to comply with the regulations. A decentralised fashion puts the power back in the hands of people to decide what is right and wrong." That is how Hoffman describes the advantages of his platform compared to Amazon or Ebay. And he is very pragmatic about the potential usage of Open Bazaar for illegal transactions: "If I build knives and someone kills somebody with a knife, sometimes it depends on what you’re doing, maybe you are responsible, but you built the knife for another purpose. We don’t store your data, we don’t facilitate any transactions, we don’t monetize anything. We are just building an open source software." At the same time his online marketplace gives people living in repressive states the opportunity to bypass restrictions and conventions in their home countries.

"At open Bazaar there are no central servers. We don’t know how many people use the systems. We don’t know how many people purchase, what they purchase, who they are, how much it costs," explains Hoffman his software.  But he also stresses, that this, at the same time, slows down the growth of his platform, since people still are experiencing a lack of trust when dealing with unknown sellers.

Brian Hoffman will be speaking at the Blockchain Valley Conference on 13 June 2017.
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